There is no big difference between computers and Smartphone especially when it comes to their performance and maintenance. Just like the desktop computers, the performance of a Smartphone especially the iOS and Android phones can also be diminished after a long time. Mobile operating systems are also likely to get clunky after being used for a considerable amount period husk like with the computers.

Regular software maintenance and update is required for a mobile phone to work efficiently. The mobile’s storage space is also similar to that of a computer. More effort will be required to retrieve the files stored in it for the phone to run smoothly. Your hard drive will also get heavier if you store a lot of files in it, this can greatly reduce the speed of your device. The following are the effective tips which can be utilized in boosting the speed of a Smartphone.

Updating your software

The performance your device can be optimized by making sure that your phone is updated on a regular basis. This process is helpful in fixing bugs. The performance of your Smartphone is boosted after ever update. This process is also used in fixing other issues facing the users. Again it is important to ensure that your phone is updated once you get a notification of a system or firmware update.

Clearing cache data

This is the data which results from the left over files. They mainly arise from your app usage, previous browsing session or from the residue applications which have been installed. Such files can hide within the folders of your system. They are therefore difficult to detect using the phone’s scanning capability. Installing a file cleaning application or a performance optimizer can help you in getting rid of the junky files from your system. Some of the common cleaning applications are Dr. Cleaner and Clean master for iOS. These apps can help you in scrutinizing your system thoroughly to determine the folders or files which are not in use.

Deleting unnecessary applications

Deleting unnecessary applications especially the bloat malware is one of the great ways of optimizing the storage space and performance of your device. All the useless bloat wares should be uninstalled from your phone. These applications are known for taking much of the storage space and reducing the speed of your device.


Closing all the background applications

Background applications should be closed to make sure that they do not consume your Smartphone’s RAM. This is done to ensure that the Ram is free.