Things Gamers can Relate

For gamers playing games have been their purpose of living, and for some is how they make money to pay off their bills and food expenses. Perhaps you’re a casual gamer, or a hardcore gamer, or even a professional competitive gamer, and you’re just browsing the web to look for something to read, well you’re in the right page! Here we have listed several things that gamers can relate, no matter how old or how rich you are, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

regionWhen a game is a region locked

We get that playing games can be fun, and a lot of publishers is trying their best to release a lot of games which will attract attention to future players. But sometimes some great games that are released can sometimes come with a region lock, for example, Tree of Savior SEA server is exclusive only for Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand. Meanwhile, Indonesia is not included on the list, which means Indonesian players can’t play the game. There’s a solution which is using a VPN, check out best VPNs for gaming over here as they provide VPN for you to play any games that comes with a region lock.

cashWhen a game has a pay to win system

Some free to play games usually has a pay to win system, a system where someone who pays real cash to make their character stronger or easier to win, and often gamers hate this, as it is considered not fair. A tip to combat this is to gather a mass and complain to the publisher through the forum or sending a mail, but chances are they are not going to care, so it is best to stop playing the game instead. If you don’t mind to get competitive, then keep on playing.

Tip: if you have to pay for a game, make sure that it has a pay to play feature instead of pay to win system, as they are fairer.

computerWhen your internet lags

The last thing is what everyone hates, not only gamer. An unstable connection is what causes the game to have a lag spike, and if you’re experiencing this make sure to call your internet provider to check in case you’re having a disturbance or something broken on the internet. Another tip from us is to make sure no one is using your wifi, especially those pesky neighbours who tries to use yours.